Ganstead Golf Seniors

- Fixtures -

Please say whether or not you are available for matches on the Seniors Notice Board
If unable to play, please contact the next reserve and inform Dave Thomson

Dates for Inter-Club Fixtures 2019

Tee-off 9.30 am unless stated otherwise

Seniors Section


25th Hornsea (A) Mon


2nd Driffield (H)

9th Flamborough (A) 10.00

16th Withernsea (H)

23rd Hainsworth Park (A) 9.00

30th Brough (H)


7th Sutton Park (H)

21st Cottingham (H)


18th Seniors’ Outing The Oaks 

25th Beverley (H)


2nd Skidby Lakes (H)

10th Driffield (A) 9.00 (Wed)

15th Brough (A) 9.00 (Mon)


6th Hainsworth Park (H)

13th Cottingham (A) 9.00am

20th Hornsea (H)

27th Skidby Lakes (A)


12th Withernsea (A) Thurs

18th Sutton Park (A) (Wed)

24th Flamborough (H) 10.00

30th Beverley (A) Mon

Dress is "Smart Casual" and all are expected to stay for the after match meal.

Match Teams Listed Below 

6th Aug  Tuesday
Hainsworth  Home
Tee Time 9.00 for 9.30am

1   D.Thomson         J.Wedgener
2.  C.Boyes               P.Antcliff
3.  S.Broughton       P.Walters
4. R.Featherstone   A.Garside
5.  J.Glover               A.Heasty
6.  F.Kitchener         E.Jones
7.  J.Loose                 J.Mullins
8 . S.Peverley           J.Swallow

C.Newton E.Pearson T.Olsen F.Price J.Townson B.Wright  P.Martin  P.Naylor
Tuesday 13th August Cottingham Away
Tee Time 8.30  For 9.00am

1.  D Thomson      J. Glover
2 . C Boyes            S. Barton
3 . C Newton         P. Naylor
4 . E Pearson         A.Garside
5 . B Drake             E.Jones
6 . P Martin            J.Swallow
7 . T Olsen             F. Price
8 . J Wedgener      J.Townson

J.Smith   A.Heasty  J.Gosnold
F.Kitchener  P.Antcliff    J.Loose
R.Featherstone  M.Parker
P.Walters   S.Broughton
S. Peverley

Tuesday 20th August
Hornsea Home
Tee Time 9.00 For 9.30 Am

1. D.Thomson          J.Gosnold
2. P.Walters             S.Broughton
3. P.Antcliff              R.Featherstone
4. A.Heasty               J.Loose
5. E.Jones                 S.Peverley
6. C Newton             F.Price
7. J Smith                  J.Wedgener
8. S.Barton               J.Swallow

 J Mullins   E Pearson
C Boyes    A Garside    P Martin
P Naylor

Tuesday 27th August
Skidby Lakes Away

Tee Time 9.00 For 9.30 Am

1. D.Thomson          J.Mullins
2. B.Drake                C.Boyes
3. E.Pearson             P.Naylor
4. A. Garside            P.Martin
5. S Broughton        P.Walters
6. A.Heasty               T.Olsen
7. P.Antcliff               J.Smith
8. S.Peverley            R.Featherstone

E.  Jones  S. Barton  C. Newton          F.  Price  J. Loose  J. Swallow  
J.  Gosnold