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              Happy New Year to all our Readers

23rd January. A damp misty morning greeted the 21 golfers who turned out for balls in the bag to play a 1-2 Am Am competition in 7x3-balls. In third place and recovering their stake , with  66 points were; Elwin Jones. Peter Walters and Eddie Pearson. Second with a splendid 68 points were; Joe Wedgner, Andy Garside and Jeff Smith. But the winners with a remarkable 77 points were;  an in- form Ben Wright with  John Mullins and Roger Featherstone. 

Note;the next round of the winter eclectic is scheduled for next Tues. 28th Jan. assuming the weather and course status are favourable.

21st January. A cold and frosty morning at first light but the sun was forecast to burn through later and soften up the course.. A good turnout of 22 players meant an Am-Am was comp of the day and played in 6x3balls off full h/c and 1x4 ball off 3/4 h/c. In third place on a countback with a very good 86 points in challenging conditions were; Dave Thomson, Joe Wedgner and John Read. Second also with 86 pts. were ;Jeff Smith ,Peter Martin and Clive Boyes.But the winners with a splendid 87 pts. were Colin Newton,Colin Day and Jeremy Glover.  

16th January. Conditions on many areas of the course were still very wet and heavy. Consequently only 13 holes were available for play. The 16 golfers who turned out played a shortened version of an Am-Am in 4x 4 balls off full h/c .In second place and recovering their stake with 75 points were; Colin Day,Brian Drake, Jim Townson and Roger Featherstone.Winners with 78 points were; John Mullins, Ben Wright, Elwin Jones and Clive Boyes.

14th January. Albeit a dry morning the course was still very wet and only 12 holes were open for play. Nevertheless there were 13 golfers who had turned out and it was agreed to play a shortened version of an Am-Am competition.In second place with a fine score of 65 points were Jim Townson,Elwin Jones, and Joe Wedgner. The winners  with a splendid 66 points were; Colin Newton,Phil Naylor and Jeremy Glover and which included 9 pts on the par 4 11th hole which was  played from the 10th tee !

7th January. A slightly warmer but windier day than of late with possible rain threatened later. Twenty-four members turned out and with these numbers it was possible to play a Waltz competition in 6x4 balls off full h/c. There were  some high scores being carded but  in third place with 83 points were; Steve Broughton, Eddie Pearson, Brian Drake and Elwin Jones. Second with 84 points ; Ben Wright, Colin Day,, John Swallow and Jeremy Glover. The winners with a fine score of 86 points were; Phil Naylor, Dave Thomson, Steve Barton and Jeff Smith. 

2nd January. A much milder morning for the first outing in the  new year was enough to tempt 17 golfers from their slumbers.  The numbers dictated an Am-Am Comp.on a very "sticky" track and  played in  2x4 balls off 3/4 h/c and 3x3-balls off full h/c. In second place with 76 points were the 4-ball of; Phil Naylor ,Andy Garside, Ben Wright and John Swallow.  But the winners with a superb 84 points were; Frank Kitchener, Jeremy Glover led by new skip Clive Boyes.